ab LOGIS ex
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prep <Transp> ex
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(abzüglich) minus, less, deducting, (Versandort) ex, (wirksam) effective, as of (US), as from (Br.), (Zug) departure;
ab Bahnhof ex rail;
ab Diskont less discount;
ab dort loco your town;
ab heute from today;
ab hier to be delivered here;
ab Kai ex quay;
ab Kai unverzollt ex quay duties unpaid;
ab Lager ex store (warehouse);
ab Schiff ex ship;
ab Skonto less discount;
ab diesem Termin as from this date;
ab Werk ex works (mill);
sich ab hier verstehen to be quoted from here.
heute, ab
from today;
von heute an from this day forward.

Business german-english dictionary. 2013.

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